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Victoria L. Trifu


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I was born in New York City, moved around with my family as a child and lived in Michigan and New Jersey and again New York for some time. My family moved to Virginia when I was in high school, and that is where I went to nursing school. All the moving around growing up has made me somewhat of a gypsy, and now I travel for work. I am a traveling Registered Nurse. So far I’ve been privileged to live and work in Washington D.C, Colorado, Texas, California, and Washington. I write in my spare time that is when I’m not busy working full time as a nurse or playing tourist in my new town.

I discovered my love for writing at a young age. I give thanks to those tedious writing workshops required in Elementary school. I wrote my first short story when I was seven and have been writing ever since!

Now I would say my writing has progressed and “matured” with me. I enjoy writing short stories, poems and am working on a few new “potential novels.” Writing is a passion of mine, and while doing so, I always try to let go of competition and expectation simply letting the pen hit the pad and the words flow…


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  1. Grandma Bronz says:

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading some of you writings. You know that I write too. I don’t often speak about it but I love to write. I don’t think I ever sent you the story I wrote for Karis at Christmas but I will email it to you as an attachment. I also just wrote a little poem for James’ birthday. It is his birthday card. I have some short stories in the works about a kitten and one about baby birds that I told to Karis one night in bed. I am missing you and can’t wait til June to see you all. Love Gramma

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