The battle is in my mind

That title is for myself not for you, readers. If it happens to speak to you too then I’m glad. I recently finished listening to Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind and this is a quasi review vs. self-reflection. You may have heard sayings like “take one day at a time,” ” you reap what you sow” “tomorrow will have enough worries of its own.” Those are all nice and well but are they true? The answer is yes! You have the power to transform your mind and transform your life. You can battle whatever circumstance you are in, whatever sadness or depression you are experiencing, but it takes work, and it starts in your mind.

Funny enough for those of you familiar with the books of Joyce Meyer I read Mind Connection before Battlefield of the Mind. I would say it was by chance since I found Mind Connection in the bargain section at Barnes & Noble however I believe in fate and a heavenly father who has a plan for me. So that means there isn’t a chance. Mind Connection helped me to understand how powerful my thoughts are. My thoughts can affect my emotions my thoughts can affect my actions, and sometimes stifling thoughts can be just as harmful as thinking them. I learned how to refocus. I started by praying about thoughts that I knew were not good for me, that upset me or could upset others if they knew what I was thinking. Once I started praying about these things it became easier to transform my thinking. This was good and well for a while, especially since I followed Mind Connection up with The Power of I Am by Joel Osteen. It seemed to me almost that The Power of I Am was a sequel to Mind Connection. First I learned how to control my thoughts, and then I learned how to control my speech and prevent what I was thinking and saying from bringing me down and bringing negativity into my life. Sure, I had my ups and downs and slip-ups. I’m only human, and there is a good deal of sin in the world but things were good for the most part.

Fast forward a few months and throw in a job change, a relationship change, the holidays followed by a global pandemic and suddenly my thoughts and words were all out of wack. Back to complaining, back to being down and depressed, being jealous, frustrated, angry, bitter – you name it. Whoa! What happened to all the work I had done? If you are Christian you may want to ask me how my relationship with Christ was? Was I praying was I reading the bible? The answer is yes, though honestly, these things were becoming less and less. My heart was struggling because my mind was struggling. Time to freshen up my thoughts. Joyce Meyer turned me to scripture that I needed to hear again. Battlefield of the mind reminded me that our minds are constantly at war if we don’t take proper care of them. We have to watch what we feed our mind, what thoughts with think, and when we start to slip into bad habits reel ourselves back in with God, the word (the bible), and positive thinking!

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