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Writer’s block comes at the worst of times. I”m working on one of my stories and I need a good prank jocks would play on a country boy? HELP ME everything i think of is so over used. This takes place in the country that is rapidly growing into suburbs…

“We knew who was behind it. This idiocy this cruelness. How could he let it be even if he didn’t participate?” -Ashley Moyer (With or Without You)

Some Responses I’ve already received

Nancy– Why don’t you pull a Never Been Kissed and have his car towed or hidden? (My character’s case it would be a truck)

Shawn– Put some sort of animal food in his locker or something

Megan– When I was at PH (high school) some Deep Run kids put a dead deer they found on the road in the bed of a guy’s pickup during a football game

BeckyPop tractor tires or tip the tractor

Briki What if the farm boy is lured into a room at a party by a girl he likes and gets stripped naked and tied to the bed and left there for everyone to see him. That’s pretty embarrassing or is it too cliche? (What if the farm boy is tied to a bale of hay in a barn at a bonfire?)

Nancy Again-What would Fred & George do?

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4 responses to “ Suggestions Suggestions! ”

  1. Aaron Angus says:

    Depantsing, being shoved into a locker, filling cleets with shaving cream, swirlies, icy hot in the jock strap, thrown in a trash can, iron man sit ups

  2. lil sis says:

    have the farm boys pee in water balloons and through them in jocks car

  3. Diana says:

    i think the farm boys should pee in water balloons and through them at the jocks cars

  4. Victoria says:

    Thank You for the suggestions. I get the idea Diana hehe its a good one.

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