Throwback to Paraguay 2012

~When In Rome do as the Romans do~
Immediately you feel the sense of a slower pace when arriving in Paraguay. Times are set but there seems to be a “We will get there when we get there” peace of mind. I have very easily come to love it. In Paraguay things are more laid back. What is the point of rushing? In the United States I always feel as if I am rushing and for what purpose? Everything is very go with the flow, plans do not always work out. Getting frustrated is ugly. Here there is time to think and breathe.
There is a lot of waiting in Paraguay if you are use to a quicker lifestyle, but these times are created for rest, visiting with others and prayer. Sometimes life seems too busy for these things. In Paraguay friends never seem too busy for a visit. Unannounced visits are typical. No one sits at home waiting for an invitation. And there is always time to spend with others.
I heard a story of a classmate who came down to Paraguay to assist the people in starting and maintaining their own businesses. After six months she quit and returned to the states, the Paraguayan people are not interested in building large businesses they only want to work enough to support their families. They are more interested in their families and friends than success or money. People come first. I would say they have the right priorities.
Living like this is the way to go. It is less stressful and more healthy; body, mind and soul. The power is out again? That is ok, it will return. Let us sit and drink terere together while we wait it out. I encourage everyone to live like the Paraguayans do. Find the time to rest, spend more time with family, and visit friends. Only work as much as you need and remain in constant prayer.

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