Texas RED

Ste Genevieve~ Sweet Red

Fort Stockton, Texas Wine

The label reads “This light to medium-bodied sweet wine is crimson in color. It exhibits subtle flavors of wild berries and plums, and has a well balanced finished that is sweet, soft and fruity.”

My favorite part of this wine is the gorgeous red color. I enjoy twirling it around and around in my wine glass, and take a small sip. I say a small sip because it is sweet. I put Sveet down in my notes for wines that I think are too sweet. This wine isn’t too sweet but it is bordering on the limits of my sweet wine palate. What is enjoyable about this wine is that it is sweet but not in the least acidic. The finish is smooth without a hint of after taste. The flavor is all up front and straight forward and ends with a happy ending.

Ste Genevieve’s Sweet Red is my first Texas Wine. I can’t wait to sip more!


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