Blackbeard, To Live by the drink To die by the sword


This story about the most fearsome pirate of all time is the debut work of Paul Boone. After reading the first few pages of this tale I knew I had to read what came next. Not only am I speaking about this story of Blackbeard, but of what Boone will write next. The book is a time line of events from when Blackbeard became captain to when he met his death. Each section is a detailed account of pirate life, including the demons and the madness that consumed a man named Edward Teach. I soaked up the descriptions, the metaphors and the images that danced across my mind as the story unfolded. To say it was “well written,” does not do the writer justice.  If you are my historical fiction fans, this is your ship to sail.

Paul Boone is a friend and fellow author. When he casually mentioned to me one afternoon that he had written a book about Blackbeard, I had no idea that I would be up in the late hours of the night engulfed in this world of piracy. I had no idea that I would come to love just as much hate this legend of the most notorious pirate of old. It was a pleasant break from the glamorous pirates played by Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. These were cursing, raping, murderous, disgusting pirates crewed by one of the most evil men of all time!

Read this book I tell you. As if your life depended on it!


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