Alien pups & Cloaking devices

I recently heard the story of Gigi, a young pup from another planet who traveled to earth on a spaceship disguised as a tree stump. This sounded peculiar to me because it sounds as if my puppies have arrived the same way. I found them at the end of my street near a very out of place tree stump in the middle of the road. Where did these puppies come from? And are they from the same planet as Gigi? Here is a little excerpt from Gigi’s tale.


“Gigi was a young pup but she already knew at 4 weeks old she wanted to see the universe.

All alien pups get to travel at 8 weeks old, but Gigi couldn’t wait.

In the middle of the night while her mother and siblings were asleep, Gigi boarded the family’s spaceship.

She used her paw to start it up and make her selection.

Gigi was going to Planet  Earth.

From the map it looked like a nice planet with land and water.

And her mother told her stories of when she had went there when she was younger.

Earth was full of people and dogs.

All sorts of dogs from all sorts of backgrounds.

Some native to the Planet Earth, others aliens like she.

Gigi didn’t forget to press the cloaking button after starting up the spaceship.

She knew this was important.

The cloaking button turned the spaceship into something else.

Her family spaceship turned into a large tree stump…”

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