The Great Gatsby

Well Hello there Old Sport. What did you think of The Great Gatsby? I will tell you what I found it to be. I found it to be a delightfully fine movie. Now forgive me I am one of those who was not required to read the book in school. I suppose we were busy reading The Crucible or Hamlet. Now the Roaring Twenties is one of my favorite Eras and I was shocked that the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio did not stick to it’s time period authenticity. I won’t give away any nitty gritty details, but let’s just say that our two worlds collided. The movie involves three important characters Nick, Gatsby and Daisy and the movie mostly revolves around the parties Gatsby throws and the reputation he gets as he is trying to win back his young love, Daisy. As the flappers and jelly beans dance the jitter bug and the liquor is flowing the rap music seems out of place at first. Then suddenly without realizing it, you are digging it and be-bopping and partying right along with them. The music choice was a creative way to bring this Era back to life today, where people in our generation can relate to the debaucherous parties given by The Great Mr. Gatsby.

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