Red Wine~Wednesday

Bodie Vineyards~ Rochette Rouge Red
Powhatan, Virginia 2009
The label reads “semi-dry red wine of the Buffalo Grape. It has a marvelous grape aroma, and is best served with red meat such as beef, pasta or with any dark chocolate.”

This red wine made from the “Buffalo Grape” is a deep purple bordering on blackness. It is such a unique color that I enjoyed swirling it around and around in my wine glass. The bouquet was deep as well. It had a classic red wine smell, and it tasted well balanced and near perfection. The “Buffalo Grape” is an inter-specific hybrid which originated in New York and only one winemaker that I know of is growing it here in Virginia.

If you are a loyal varietal kind of person, what are you afraid of? This is a good wine to wet your lips with. Now if you are new to wine, you can brag that you have tasted Virginia’s take on the beloved New York grape.

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