White Wine ~Wednesday

Daveste~ La Brisa
Reisling 2011, North Carolina

On a trip to Charlotte North Carolina the beau and I stopped at Daveste Vineyards and we were not disappointed.

This Riesling was on the sweet end of things, but not so much that it would turn away dry wine fans. It had notes of honey suckle and it was easy to drink. I have a tendency to favor the Rieslings that are crisp and almost taste as if they were carbonated. This Riesling was one of those refreshing types.

I can easily recommend Daveste’s La Brisa to sweet wine drinkers because it has enough hints of residual sugar that it could nearly pass. Red wine lovers I’m sure could appreciate this fun Riesling, however it may not be your first choice wine. Support east coast vineyards and give it a try!

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