Pep-si Cola

Pepper was sitting in the middle of the road when I got home from work late last night. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was waiting for me. Before I pulled the car into the driveway he darted off into the darkness. When I opened the car door to step out he was at my feet. I had to step around his thinning body and when I shut the car door he spooked up like he does all Halloween cat looking and he disappeared. He was all shook up like cola.

I called him back as I made way for the front door. He did come back but lamely ran into my leg. He literally ran into it. Next he acted all natural and rubbed up against me as if he meant to do that. I leaned over to pet him and scolded him for getting so scrawny. Pepper followed me to the door but did not wish to come inside tonight. He can be a strange one.

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