Month: November 2016

La Vida Vampire-Book Review

By: Nancy Haddock

This book caught my eye immediately at the bookstore. It lured me in by means of a vampire and a title in Spanish. I’m a sucker for vampire novels, and I’m ever still learning to speak in Spanish. Put those things together and you have my interest. Next I turned the book over and read the synopsis and it takes place in St. Augustine Florida. I love St. Augustine, ok no more needed I bought the book.

Francesca is not your ordinary vampire. She enjoys curling up on the couch, watching reruns, surfing and takes online courses. She is adjusting to life in this century and it is not easy for her. There’s old romance new romance and a murder that all take place in picturesque St. Augustine.

I have read my share of vampire novels. This book did not quench my blood lust for a vampire tale, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. The characters are fun; the storyline was easy to follow without being too predictable and it had some history! That’s all you need for this easy read.