Month: November 2013

Trip to Serbia not Siberia

Serbia, an Eastern European country part of the former Yugoslavia and the landĀ of my father. The trip was made with my grandmother and my sister. We visited family all throughout the country and it was fantastic! I can honestly say I got in touch with some of my roots (half of them anyway) as there is still a lot of family in the old country. The food was so good it was bad, I enjoyed every bit of it but came back with hypertension (high blood pressure). Three weeks of high sodium goat cheese and sausages? Who would have thought? I have now made it to three different continents and I can hardly believe it. My first trip abroad was to India, Asia, then Paraguay, South America and now Europe! Where will I go next? That is to be decided. Hopefully I can get better about this whole blogging ordeal and you all can stay tuned on my travels.




What is of value

Being a nurse I have the opportunity to care for those from all walks of life. Recently, I had the pleasure to care for a homeless woman. She was out of a home yes, but she took care of herself as best as she could. It would seem even better than most I care for these days during these tough times. She was feeling better but the course of her treatment wasn’t complete as of yet and she wasn’t going to be discharged for another couple of days. Everyone who came in to speak with her from doctors to case worker heard an earful about her belongings. These got left behind when the ambulance brought her in for medical attention. She was oriented but anxious and frantic over her missing things. The case worker got right on it making phone calls trying to locate this woman’s belongings. They were her only possessions and her whole world. After a couple days of phone tag with the church where the woman was staying, and the lady herself pleading with patient care techs and nursing students to find her things, her luggage was then delivered to us. She was as happy as could be to have what belonged to her. I couldn’t help but wonder what was so valuable? She seemed physically distressed not having her bags. Then she told me, she now had her research and manuscript back in her hands and she could work on her book. Oh how I really understood and could empathize with what she was going through while her notebooks, scraps of paper and napkins were missing. This has happened to me, and its devastating. She went on to share with me her research and what she was writing about. And as she spoke so passionately about her story and her dreams there was no doubt that I would read her published work some day.