Month: July 2013

The cat came back

“The cat came back the very next day the cat came back he couldn’t stay away”

Pepper use to have a bad habit of peeing everywhere. As a cat I’m  sure he was only marking his territory but it was disgusting. My sisters and I  would fight over whose turn it was to clean up the mess. At first it was squirts just enough to know he’d  been there and we thought he may be spraying. This was impossible though. Pepper had parted ways with his boys long before my little sister rescued him from our uncle’s. My mother took him to the vet and explained our problem. The vet squeezed Pepper where his manhood once was and made it clear there wasn’t anything left to spray.

My father was determined there was only one thing left to do. He sat Pepper in the passenger side of his truck and drove a mile down yonder to a family farm. Maybe Pepper was always meant to live on a farm. Dad placed Pepper in the grass “Bye bye Pee pee head” he said to Pepper as he meowed in protest. Then he drove away.

We didn’t  notice for a couple days that he was missing because he was an outdoor cat and roamed the neighborhood and terrorized others with his sweet but odd behavior. On the third day he was back. Dad said nothing as to not upset us but a week later tried again. He said farewell to Pepper at the farm then headed off to do errands. By the time Dad came back, Pepper was waiting in the front yard for him. The cat came back he couldn’t be away the cat came back to STAY.

To nook to kindle or not?

For quite some time now I have been boycotting the nook and kindle. I would say things like its just not the same, I like the look the feel the touch the smell of a good old fashion book. Secretly of course I had been doing my research as to which e-reader is right for me. All of those things I cried out were true and thats why you can find me diving into bargain bins at the grocery store, Walmart and the local bookstore. I am “rescuing” these tangible copies. In all honesty though what it comes down to is…I love stories. My excitement to have google play books already downloaded on to my Android cell phone is non describable. To have Pride and Prejudice at my fingertips along with whatever other guilty pleasure I choose is euphoric. That is when I knew I would own an ereader some day. Even after going back and forth between barnes and nobles nook and amazons kindle and a couple other ereaders that came up in my search query the conclusion I came to is that they all are pretty much the same. The newest nooks and kindles are more like tablets with the options to search the web, download games and watch movies. I wasn’t sure this was right for me because those things would distract me from reading. I found the nook simple touch brand new, only turned on once, on craigslist for $40. The man I bought it from bought it for his 12 year old daughter. She turned it on once quickly found out it was only able to use wifi to download books from the nook store and never powered on again. So her father went out and bought her the kindle fire tablet. This hurt to hear as an author because it was evident the child probably wouldn’t be using the ereader to read. As an avid reader I was ecstatic. Now I can download as many books as I want and they won’t clutter up my apartment. I also tend to read several books at once which makes packing tricky since traveling is another passion of mine. So there you have it I have decided to read e-books as well as paper bound copies!