Month: January 2013

MY Favorite book of the year 2012

I’m not going to lie. I’ve read more books in years passed, however this year I did manage to read a few. By far my favorite book of 2012 would have to be The Walk by Richard Paul Evans. I feel as if this novel invented the term emotional roller coaster. The coaster already begins hundreds of feet in the air (I’d imagine you would have to take an elevator to get on the ride,) and plummets you almost immediately after take off. You feel any moment now it will take a drastic turn or begin to soar upward, but after dropping you it takes you for a loop and you continue falling until suddenly you Stop- and now you are inching back up the track for what you know will be another dive.

It is the first book in a series of novels about Alan Christoffersen’s walk from Seattle, Washington to Key West Florida after losing the love of his life, his home & his business. The character development makes this real. You feel Alan’s loss, you ache with him along the road. The descriptions on the way take you on this journey across the United States. I am seriously looking forward to continuing this trip!

Now what was your favorite book you read in the year 2012?