Month: June 2011

Such a fickle thing

Pepper was born on a horse farm here in Virginia. Perhaps he was kicked one too many times, that would explain his skittishness. He was brought to my aunt’s home as a kitten. Pepper was a lively little nuisance to the entire family, especially their elderly arthritic cat. My aunt gave Pepper back to her younger brother who rescued him from the farm. He already had two cats of his own, and Pepper had a nasty habit of spraying regardless of being neutered. Needless to say he was an outside cat.

One evening my uncle pawned Pepper off on my 12 year old sister. Who in one quick scoop had Pepper in her arms and was in the car shouting “gun it!” before any of us could stop and think about the consequences. On the drive home my 14 year old sister cried “Oh Dad is going to kiiiilll us.” That is how Pepper came into our care and he has frustrated us, loved us and entertained us ever since.

Wash the dishes before going to bed

I read in Jesus in Blue Jeans about receiving a clean plate every day. Each day we must begin with a clean plate, washed clean of dirt, crust, filth—sin. Jesus said “If I do not wash you, you have no part in me.”  The cleansing power of forgiveness like a setting on your dishwasher.

Each night become clean of grudges and resentments. We ought to give family, friends, coworkers a new plate daily. (Even our dogs when they pee in our rooms! They are God’s creatures too!) What motivation to have a clean plate, a fresh start to each and every day.