Month: April 2011


Meet Pepper. Four year old, tiger striped feline. He enjoys basking in the sunlight, catching and trying to eat rabbits larger than him, and talking. Pepper is also Schizophrenic. He is paranoid, I believe he hallucinates, and if I could understand what he tells me I’m sure I would find he is also delusional. I mean it in the most sympathetic way. I do not intend to mock those who suffer from the disorder. I just record some of the bizarre, and sometimes hilarious things he does. Two different friends of mine have told me “All cats are Schizophrenic.”  Having owned more than a dozen cats, including a couple litters of kittens I must disagree. I have never seen a cat scared of his own shadow or  jump five feet back from a hair tie on the kitchen floor.

After returning from a writers club meeting I realized I really should be blogging more. I spent a couple days pondering what I ought to be blogging about. I went out for the mail and Pepper followed me meowing all the way there and all the way back. I bent over to pet him and when I straightened back up he got spooked and jumped 3 feet in the air. His hair was standing on ends Halloween cat style, then he took off running. Pepper most likely went to plot his revenge on whatever assaulted him, meanwhile it dawned on me what fun it would be to blog about him.