Month: September 2010

Hanover Book Festival

In August my writers club celebrated it’s 5th Annual Hanover Book Festival. Authors attended from all over the state of Virginia. We had tables where we sold our written works and did signings. There were fifty-some authors with different genres, as well as editors and publishers. This event was open to the public. The festival didn’t draw a large crowd, and few sales were made but it was a fun filled day. The theme was Racing to Read. This is appropriate for our area, being as we are right near Richmond Raceway and Colonial Downs horse racing isn’t too far. There was a country-pop singer, a live auction, and such creative book displays. This day was great for mingling and networking. It was my first “official” book signing. I sold two copies of Feel Free to Fly!

Dipping my pen into something new

Fiction writing has always appealed to me. But it wasn’t a week ago I felt compelled to write an article titled “Don’t be stupid” and then my writer’s guild had a freelance writer as a guest speaker. A sign perhaps a hint of fate maybe. I am ready to be done with Nursing School, so I can replace my study time with writing. Suddenly I want to write all sorts of articles on a myriad of topics and can’t wait to be rejected!


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