Month: September 2008

Caught Writing!

I am at it AGAIN!

I’ve picked up another story of mine; one that I have worked on and off on for the past 3 years- I need help coming up with a TITLE!

This particular story I refer to as my Vampire story or my Vamp series, for I have three sequential parts planned out. I’m not very good at coming up with titles, especially original ones.

A little information about this story (without giving away too much plot): it is about a girl named Holly who has strange powers she does not yet know of, Holly meets a witch who associates with vampires from another realm and together they have a dilemma they must overcome using the help of the vampires. Love, Betrayal and a potential Assassination are all involved in this story along with dealing with loss, overcoming fears and searching for faith…

Feel free to submit title suggestions within a comment, they are much appreciated !!!