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An Easter Tale

In the 4th grade we had a short writing assignment. That was to use a bank of words that seemed completely unrelated and create a short story. I dreamt up Buster Bunny and his Easter Tale. Buster gets mixed up with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. What? They were close that year. So hence, the story of The Mixed Up Easter Bunny was born. It was edited ever so slightly so the story stayed true to that 9 year old girl who wrote it, but much easier for everyone else to read and enjoy!

This book is the second Illustrated by Aaron Angus. What fun, he’s brought to the readers. Here’s a little peek….







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Like- Feel Free to Fly

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Newspaper worthy

Making the front page of the local. One small picture. One large achievement for a new authoress! Interview by Amy Condra of the Mechanicsville Local.

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