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Breaking News soon to come

I’ve been hard at work trying to crack this mysterious ENVY, you won’t believe what information I have in store. Be patient with me and you will be just as shocked as I was!

Reporters emotion

Nothing is more embarrassing than a reporter having nothing to report on. Although, if it’s any consolation at least the police haven’t got a clue either. Envy comes and goes like the wind. Here one moment causing wreckage, and gone the next. A few more victims turned criminal, have been able to give statements on the situation. Nothing is concrete though, all of them, every single one of them, is an emotional mess. Their mind’s memory has been blurred, they can’t state who she is where she came from or what exactly she looks like. The only things similar in all the statements are; she wears a green mask, at times her hair turns green itself, and she likes to wear purple and black. You think this jokester in this small city would be easy to find, think again. Richmond has many places to hide.


The root of envy

Car wrecks, vandalism, girlfriends clubbing their boyfriends to death with 6 inch heels, what has our little city come to? “I just don’t know what got into me,” one criminal states. Another man confesses, “I was full of jealousy and rage!” Jealousy or was it envy? I’m not a psychiatrist, but jealousy is the fear that something you have will be taken away and envy is wanting what someone else has. More and more civilians are attributing their wrong doings to this new super villain. Few can however give any evidence to her or her motive. What could make these people so envious to commit such harsh acts? Or is the bigger question what makes Envy so?


Just In

Richmond City Police Department confirms an influx in crime within the past two weeks. Is Envy to  blame? Sources says YES. Investigators and Journalists alike are trying to nail this woman who calls herself Envy. Witnesses have reported that her hair turns a neon green when she is up to mischief. No one can confirm what her true hair color is or identify the face to all this chaos. Common citizens are going mad and doing awful things in our community. Envy, is one of the deadly sins. Our men in blue won’t rest until they find her, neither will I.


Evening Report:

There is a new super villain to look out for. She goes by the name Envy, and can be seen sporting colors of green and purple. It is uncertain at this time the threat she poses, but rumors suggest, that she is capable of playing with others emotions. Making others envious causing violence is her specialty, hence the name Envy. Several bar fights and a gun shooting in the Richmond area are being investigated, with Envy as the lead suspect. Who is she and where did she come from? I will be the one find out.