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Alien Storm Book 4 Review

An Alien Storm (Soldiers of Saedo, #4)

An Alien Storm by Calla Zae

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Vanessa is recovering from an abusive relationship and finds herself wildly attracted to Arkon. She is learning to trust herself and maybe just maybe she’s open to love. If not, at least the lovemaking is hot! Meanwhile, the planet she is inhabiting is being overtaken by alien worms creating a nasty storm and trying to destroy those already living there. Thankfully our heroine has sisters and a wise and insightful grandmother to the magic and the ways of the cosmos. I thoroughly enjoy this world Calla Zae has created. It reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars with its own spice and yet entirely it’s own. I’ll be reading more of Soldiers of Saedo!

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Moning Maniac

A Moning Maniac is a fan of Karen Marie Moning and her Fever series! I’m swiftly becoming a maniac myself after finishing the 3rd installment in her fantasy-thriller where the Fae are the bad guys. Not all fairies have wings and grant wishes some are the creatures nightmares are made of. If you are looking for something new to read I encourage you to start with book one, DarkFever!


An Easter Tale

In the 4th grade we had a short writing assignment. That was to use a bank of words that seemed completely unrelated and create a short story. I dreamt up Buster Bunny and his Easter Tale. Buster gets mixed up with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. What? They were close that year. So hence, the story of The Mixed Up Easter Bunny was born. It was edited ever so slightly so the story stayed true to that 9 year old girl who wrote it, but much easier for everyone else to read and enjoy!

This book is the second Illustrated by Aaron Angus. What fun, he’s brought to the readers. Here’s a little peek….







Also check out Sharie’s New Friend being sold on Amazon.


Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by: Laurie Viera Rigler

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, the title alone is right up my alley. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m an addict but I do love me some Jane Austen and Regency England. And when a character gets transported back in time to Miss Austen’s very own London, Bath and countryside of course I’m right there along for the ride. What Austen fan wouldn’t be? Now if you’re a true lover of Jane Austen’s tales you know them to be wholesome and written from the very depths of heart and mind. This is a playful tale, not to be taken seriously but rather to sit back and enjoy on a sunny afternoon on a nice patch of grass. People write, and everyone wants to be a critic. Stop comparing this to that and appreciate it for its own work. With a title like Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict what truly did you expect? Of course it’s a silly romp of a tale so sit back relax and enjoy the ride. Seriously have a glass of wine I can recommend many of varietal. I chose to read confessions of an Jane Austen Addict as well as the author’s second novel in the confession series, Rude Awakenings. In Rude Awakenings, the Regency England woman gets transported into the blonde body of a California girl in 2009. I enjoyed going back and forth between these two texts and getting glimpses into what each character was going through. I enjoyed the story line to Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict more because it took place in a time and country I can only dream of. However, Rude Awakenings is hilarious and should not go overlooked. What would you do if you woke up in another body and another time and every day things such as cell phones, televisions, running water and the lack of horse-drawn carriages came as a shock to you? I know what I would do, but that’s a post for another time. 



What I think of Colorado so far

C is for Colorful
O is for Outlandish
L is for lush land that’s lovely
O is for Outrageous views (and prices)
R is for the Rockies
A is for Adventures past and more to come
D is for Denver the city of transplants
O is for OH so wonderful

And there you have it!


“Wine is Bottled Poetry…”

True words by Robert Louis Stevenson. RLS is the author of ‘Treasure Island,’ and ‘Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde,’ he is also a known Victorian poet, playwright, historian and anthropologist and postmodernist. Clearly he was also a lover of wine!


David Baldacci’s Absolute Power

Absolute Power, was my first novel by David Baldacci and it sure did not disappoint. If anything, it made me realize that I’ve been missing out on mystery thrillers. This particular novel takes place in Washington DC where you have the working class and the power-hungry pitting against each other. Not only was the plot full of shockers and twists from the very beginning, I personally like the name dropping of different places around town. It was quite funny that I was on UVA campus when the author notified the reader that the main character went to UVA Law school and hung out on “The Corner,” but I am straying away from why this was such a good book. There is conflict around every corner, and romance well there is hope for romance. It contains the best of epic tales, “good versus evil,” where good triumphs. Yes David Baldacci’s Absolute Power makes for a delightful read. It says something when a person who is not much of a reader (not myself of course) can finish it rather quickly. In fact they could hardly put it down. I must say that if you enjoy well written words on a page and well spun tales, then you too will have a difficult time closing Absolute Power by David Baldacci.


Nursing Student

Meet Jenna, the bright -eyed, bushy pony-tailed, twenty year old about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, Nursing School. The hard work she will endure, the challenges she will face, the patients she will care for and the friendships she will make will surly shape who she is for the rest of her life. And with a little guiding help from the nurse who started it all Florence Nightingale, maybe just maybe Jenna can make it through Nursing School.

Novel in the works working titles: The Nightingale student or Diaries of a Nursing Student


Dobar ŽIVOT = Good Life

A little poem of sorts to add to the memories of being in Serbia last fall. I can’t wait to go back.

S is for Slatko “sweets” and Šlivovica

E is for everybody Eating, eating, eating

R is for Rich lands for growing

B is for Bačka and Banat Regions

I is for International Influences

A is for Serbia’s Abundant history



Saturday, AUGUST 9TH

Hello ALL, for those of you who have not been following me on Facebook and Twitter these last few weeks, I want to make known that the Hanover Writers Club is having a BOOK Festival. It is at the Liberty Christian Center from 10-2 in Mechanicsville Virginia. There will be a number of authors there from all over Virginia with their books hoping to meet you!

I will be there with my book Feel Free to Fly, and my newest accomplishment, Sharie’s New Friend. I am very excited to have another book to call my own after all these years. I also would like to make the promise of many more to come. I’ve said it-Write here-Right Now 😉 Also joining me will be Aaron Angus, the genius illustrator of this children’s book who made Sharie, and Amber turtle come to life on the pages of the book. Come visit us and we will happily sign your copy.

Hanover Book Festival August 9th