Bone Slice Book Review

Bone Slice by: Bette Lamb & JJ Lamb

   Bone Slice was my first Gina Mazzio RN novel. I came into the story in book 7 when Gina and her husband go to work at another hospital to observe and test out new robotic equipment. Bone Slice revealed what a world of healthcare would be with robots. Downright scary to me. 

  In the story, there were negatives and positives of the robotic equipment until someone got hurt. As an RN, some parts weren’t easy to believe but none the less I still enjoyed the story. There was a sense of constant, What If this actually could, and did happen?

 The writers created an intriguing, fast paced novel which I like. Generally, I can’t stand description but would have liked to see more character development of some of the characters. I wanted to know more about them. Bette Lamb and JJ lamb sure did manifest a villain I could hate. The red herrings in this story also made it an interesting mystery.

  The ending left me satisfied and eager to go back and read the first six novels as well as stay tuned to whatever mischief Gina and hubby get into next!

What is this Nerium?


HI, it’s me, Victoria, I am writing to tell you about my business as a Nerium Brand Partner.

My thoughts before getting started; I am a full-time nurse, I care about people I cannot do sales. I am a writer I can’t explain things without writing it down, and even then, it’s iffy. The first step was banishing these thoughts. The fact that I care about people is why I have chosen to work for Nerium. Nerium is all about changing people’s lives. Of course, I can explain things. I do it all the time as a nurse. I needed to educate myself on the products like I would a disease process or medication and then communicate it in layman’s terms. Better yet I use another source to do my talking for me, and I can write this post about how I got started.

Nerium is the name of an oleander plant and the wellness company I work for. I first heard about Nerium from a friend of mine who was selling Nerium’s skincare products. I wasn’t a skincare person. I only moisturized in the winter when my skin got dry, and it was a good day if I washed my face. My friend shared the products with me via texts, videos and her website. It seemed expensive, but I wanted to support her new business and intended to purchase the body firming contour cream but never did. Week after week I thought oh yeah let me buy that stuff and never got around to it.

Months later this same friend invited me to a Nerium get together. I asked her if I could go actually. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and I also wanted to know what she was up to. I met many interesting people that night. The ones that stood out to me were nurses who were part of the Nerium business that could work part time as a nurse and do Nerium part time. They were less stressed and able to love Nursing again. Then I met more people that quit their dreaded jobs and paid off credit card debt with the money they made from Nerium. Were these people for real?

I tried the night cream. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but I was interested in the business now, so I had to try the product at least, right? Within three days my face felt completely different. It didn’t feel frail and flaky in the January cold. Instead, my face felt plump, full of life, and smoother than a baby’s behind. I googled the crap out of Nerium. What was this stuff, was my face going to fall off or turn to marble like in Catwoman starring Halle Berry?!

Nerium works, you probably have seen the slogan real science real results because it is true. There are hundreds of before and after photos put out by Nerium and put out there by regular folks. Some of these are people who barely know how to work a camera phone let alone think about doing any photoshopping. But why try to show you repeatedly why not try the product for yourself and see the results on your skin with your own eyes?

Back to the business. I took a leap of faith and blew close to $600 to start a business in skin care. Me, the awful girl who didn’t wash her face regularly. All the products Nerium sent me as inventory for buying into the business were well worth over $600, so I felt that even if I used everything for myself and didn’t get anyone to try it or buy it, I wasn’t losing out. I love all the products! I try to share them every chance I get. If you haven’t heard of them if I haven’t gotten around to you yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Not only are the products life changing, but the business has also been life changing for many individuals and families. All you must do is share these excellent products. Nerium also gives back to charities and is a partner with Big Brothers and Sisters here and abroad. I hope to go on one of their mission trips in the future I’d love it if you joined me!

If you have any questions about Nerium I’d love to answer them for you! You can also visit my site


Book Review

Track of the Cat (Anna Pigeon, #1)Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Track of the Cat was my first Nevada Barr novel. While I don't tend to read too many mysteries this mystery that takes place in the Texas back country kept up my interest. Anna Pigeon is a park ranger who winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time, or does she? The murder of a fellow ranger and the threat of her beloved mountain lions has Anna on the case. With her own vague past & even murkier future Anna risks life and limb to protect what she loves. The character of Anna is not always likable but she stands up for what she believes in and works hard for her living and there is something admirable about that.

I read this book during the summer of 2016. It will be a summer I look fondly back on for years to come. My husband and I visited 8 national parks including Great Basin National Park. I picked up this book in the gift shop after getting a good recommendation from one of the sales clerks. She reported that the stories get spookier and spookier. Sounds like Nevada Barr novels get better as they go. I can't wait to see which park we visit next and what challenges we will face!

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Story Time

My favorite time of day when I worked at a day care was story time. That’s why it is important for me to write books the children will love & the teachers won’t mind reading. I have three children’s books out right now with two more on the way.

Last week I had the privilege of reading to the preschool age class, The Butterflies. They enjoyed my titles; The Mixed Up Easter Bunny, Gilly’s Day At Sea & Sharie’s New Friend. I wish I had more books to read to them. They inspired me to write more!

These books along with my young adult novella, Feel Free to Fly & my Christmas Anthology, An Unorthodox Christmas can also be found on Amazon. Everyone keep reading!


Moning Maniac

A Moning Maniac is a fan of Karen Marie Moning and her Fever series! I’m swiftly becoming a maniac myself after finishing the 3rd installment in her fantasy-thriller where the Fae are the bad guys. Not all fairies have wings and grant wishes some are the creatures nightmares are made of. If you are looking for something new to read I encourage you to start with book one, DarkFever!


White Wine Wednesday

Chateau Morrisette- Our Dog Blue White blend

Floyd, Virginia

The tasting notes read “Aroma: Melon, Citrus, apricots, flowers. Palate: Sweet, firm acidity. Finish: Soft. Semi-sweet blend of Riesling, Traminette, Vidal Blanc. Serve Chilled. Pair: Barbecue, Spicy Foods, try over rice with a slice of orange.”

I heard much about Our Dog Blue well before I ever tried it. To my surprise it was my non-wine-loving friends who were ranting about it. In Virginia Chateau Morisette is a well known Virginia winery. Their wines can be found in grocery stores and at times the liquor store. This particular one I believe does well because it is delightful. Drink it chilled and you are instantly on vacation. The tasting notes are quite accurate if you sip it slowly enough to appreciate all the flavor notes.

Chateau Morrisette has a number of wines I enjoy! If you see the label with the Labrador on it, you are bound for a treat!


Roanoke Throwback

TBT Roanoke, Virginia

 Roanoke is a city nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains. I think of it as the blue bowl, this is because when you look around in each direction you are surrounded by mountains in the distance with a bluish hue. There is a large star on one of those mountains and that is why myself and many others refer to it as the Star City of the South.

  Before visiting Roanoke Virginia, I had been to the Virginia coast, I had been to southeast Virginia, central Virginia, and northwest and northeast Virginia. I had never been to southwest Virginia. I didn’t think there was anything there but farm land and a few big universities. The first time I visited Roanoke I was in for a pleasant surprise.

  It was a city, albeit a small, historical railroad city but a city none the less. I felt like it was hidden by the mountains and the plains out of site. But no, due to the railroad Roanoke is not out of sight and has been around for quite some time.

  It has a great farmers market on the weekends and has boutique shops and many restaurants downtown. It’s impressive that this small southern city has many different types of ethnic food you must keep your eyes open for them in order to try them all.

  I love staring up at the big star on Mill Mountain and looking over at the classic Dr. Pepper and H&C coffee lights from the heart of downtown. If you go for a visit you must go up to the star, do a little hike and maybe even visit the zoo there. There is also a modern art museum, railroad museum and a bunch of new breweries opening! Enough to keep you entertained for the weekend. This is the town my husband is from and it is turning into one of my favorite places to visit.




Wine Wednesday RED

2010 Danais Cabernet Sauvignon

Brad Smith-Napa Valley, California

The label reads 2014 SF Chronicle Gold

I tried this lovely wine at Silenus Vinters in Napa. The smell was refreshing and relaxing I wanted it to be a candle. On my 1-5 Scale I gave it a 4+ for flavor and smoothness. At the time I tasted it, it was being sold for $36 a bottle.

I now use the vivino app on my cell phone and it will tell me the nearest place I can purchase a certain label. See if it is near you and give it a try. This is a good one to sip alone or share with friends!



Three Sisters Island Trilogy

   Nora Roberts is a new guilty pleasure. You may laugh that I say new when she’s been around for a while and has written more than 100 novels-but she’s new to me! I enjoy reading her witch books. They have magic, the right amount of romance and good always triumphs over evil. Her latest series is the Dark Witch trilogy. I’ve only gotten around to reading the first one. I enjoyed the storyline, the horses, the men. Thankfully I had not read Gallaghers of Ardmore, like so many other fans have and I was not tainted by the similarities between the two.

I’m not writing today about those though. I’m posting about the Three Sisters Island Trilogy. At this point in time I’ve completed Dance Upon Air and Heaven and Earth. I’m such a sucker for 3 sisters, being one of three myself. When you add the elements Earth, Wind, Fire… (Nora where’s Water?) It really gets me going. Nora Roberts characters have their struggles, their character flaws, accomplishments and failures. Despite being a fantasy trilogy the 3 Sisters and the people they share their lives with are quite lifelike. I look forward to getting around to reading the final book. I will probably pick it up fondly at a used book store and crack it open while sitting on a blanket overlooking the sea <3


Throwback to Brownsville

Brownsville, Texas

  If you have never heard of Brownsville Texas the next chance you get google it. It is in the southernmost tip of Texas on the border of Mexico, an area referred to as the Rio Grande Valley. When visiting, it may feel you are in Mexico due to the majority population of Mexican Americans and limited English speaking restaurants, stores and hospitals.  You must visit with an open mind and taste for great food!

   I was there on a travel nurse assignment. During the interview process for this job the manager informed me that 90% of the patient population did not speak English. That’s great! That will give me a chance to practice my Spanish I remember thinking. However, I was not prepared to use my Spanish while ordering food, while finding things at Walmart nor trying to get my car washed. It was a bit of a culture shock to be there for 3 months. I think by the time I adjusted it was time to move on to the next exciting place. I often think about going back.

  People always ask me about the Tex-Mex and I tell them I tried Tex-Mex in Austin. Brownsville has authentic Mexican food. My husband (then fiancé) and I fell head over heels for real tacos pastor, barbacoa & pollo. We will be honest and tell you Menudo is not our thing no matter what everyone swears up and down about in Brownsville. I encourage you to try for yourself. You can find Menudo everywhere even at gas stations.

  In Brownsville I tried Ceviche for the first time ever. Ceviche is white fish that is “cooked” by lime juice. When it is done properly it is delicious. The margaritas could be ordered rimmed with candied chili powder and were great for washing down Ceviche.

  At first glance Brownsville looks like nothing more than your average suburbia. It has every chain store and restaurant that you can think of but mixed in are hidden gems. For a little more culture, you must head downtown (like in most cities). If you don’t have your passport stay clear of customs and the border. Downtown you will find old buildings, plaques full of Mexican & American history, museums and the zoo. Then surprise, there are more restaurants, cafes, and bars. Don’t be surprised if you gain weight during your visit.


  In Brownsville Texas is Palo Alto Battlefield. It is a National Historical Park that is worth a visit. It is the site where the first battle of the Mexican-American war took place. At the time, Texas, or Tejas was part of Mexico. This war changed the borders of the United States and Mexico. Palo Alto Park is a lush combination of desert and prairie and is home to many different species of animals in the Rio Grande Valley. I’d like to revisit the park again one day.

  One last thing I will leave you with, be sure to bring your tote bags. This was the first experience I had living near coastal waters where stores charge for plastic bags. Some stores charged as much as $1 a bag. Brownsville is close to the bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Every effort to keep plastic away from our waters is necessary.

There you have it! Brownsville was quite the experience and I hope one day I will have the opportunity to go back!